Custom Bow Equipment Launches Trek Vertical Series

Custom Bow Equipment launches a new sight series adding to the TREK lineup, which has quickly become the industry leader in premium hunting sights. The all-new TREK Vertical Series brings 3 new sight configurations into the TREK lineup - the TREK 2V, TREK PRO 2V, and TREK PRO 3V. Custom Bow Equipment seeks to create long-lasting legacies through its product offerings. It only made sense to continue the evolution of this series by expanding from its tried-and-true original design to bring a new vertical pin variation to the market.

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The new-for-2020 Arrow Mane from CBE is the next evolution of the full capture rest. This complete capture system ensures that arrows from 0.275” to 0.315” diameters are held securely through any terrain. Laser engraved windage tube makes adjusting easy and repeatable. A full inch of elevation adjustment makes it easy to mount and use on virtually any bow, in addition to the tolerances and quality professional archers and bowhunters everywhere have come to rely on and trust from CBE.

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In a tournament riddled with unique challenges, including moving targets and treestand shots, Custom Bow Equipment shooter Joseph Goza took to the Buckmasters Top Bow field with confidence, winning the competition and earning the $15,000 payout. Scott Archery and CBE teammate, Brandon Shehan (Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter, CBE TEK Hybrid Pro), finished the tournament in third place.

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The first stage of the World Cup concluded in Medellin, Colombia with hardware being added to Scott Archery and Custom Bow Equipment shooter, Braden Gellenthien and JP Boulch’s mantles, while thousands of miles away Jacob Marlow and Emily McCarthy competed to podium finishes at the third Archery Shooters Association tournament of the year in Paris, Texas. 

Photo via USA Archery

World Archery veteran and “Most Decorated Archer in World Cup History,” Gellenthien, shooting the Scott Black Hole, Sigma and CBE Vertex, found his groove after qualifications in match play, dropping two 150-rounds to secure a spot in the gold medal match against the Netherland’s Mike Schloesser where he took second place. Shooting the new Scott Ascent and Vertex 3D Micro was France’s JP Boulch who took the bronze medal.

Photo via Competition Archery Media

Shooting a personal best first round of 30-up in Paris, Texas on Friday, Jacob Marlow (Scott Longhorn) finished Saturday’s final 20 targets strong for a spot in the Known Pro shootdown. There, he bested his opponents and finished in first place.

With similar success, Emily McCarthy (Scott Ascent, CBE Vertex) finished the first 20 targets in second place in the Women’s Pro class, shot strong on the final 20 to secure a 2-point, first place lead heading into the shootdown where she ultimately placed in second for the weekend. 

“Last week I made the decision to use my Scott Ascent at the next ASA, knowing the only way to judge how well a piece of equipment is going to work for me is to put it under real tournament pressure,” said McCarthy. “After two days of competing, I found myself leading the tournament going into the shootdown, and while I misjudged a few targets, I couldn’t be happier about my decision to switch to this release – it’s such a smooth feeling hinge. I wish every piece of new equipment was this easy to set up and transition to!”


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3D Shooter Prep for Indoor Nationals

Indoor Nationals often takes place a week before an Archery Shooters Association 3D tournament. For me 3D archery is my passion and my main focus during March and after The Vegas Shoot! Therefore, my preparation for Indoor Nationals takes a back seat to my outdoor 3D prep during daylight hours.

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Indoor Setup

Going into my second indoor season in the pro division, I have developed a system for setting up my indoor sights. There are endless options when it comes to how you can set up your sight system, whether it be pin size, dot size, housing size or lens power. Everyone has their preferences for what they prefer to shoot and what works for them, I like to continually try new configurations to see if it may improve my scores or make my shot process more consistent. Here are just a few tips I can give you for trying indoors this season.

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Adjusting to Indoor Lighting

I find that indoor set up is usually easier for me because once I warm up and shoot several arrows consistently I can gauge my shot and account for the lighting of that venue. At that time I will adjust my sight to right or left, then high or low to zero in on the X. Each time I come to the line the first time at a new venue I work the same process:

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Investing in the Right Sight

I’m not sure about you, but where I grew up, I didn’t have a money tree growing in the backyard.  And I still don’t have one. Being thrifty was and is always a priority; as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. But can you get quality products without having to sell a kidney? And a better question may be “what fits my needs best?”. In some cases, I have seen people with sights on their bows that costs more than the bow. I’ve also seen hunts cut short and tournaments lost because of poorly made products. So I think we should take a quick look at what makes a quality sight “quality”.

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Pro Tips: Leveling 3rd Axis

When completing my 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments on my CBE Vertex, I always use the Hamskea Third Axis Level. It is a very quick and easy tool to use for leveling your sight. First you insert the threaded rod with the nylon nut into the level, making sure you can see the pin head on each end above and below your scope. Attach the level to the side of your vertical sight bar. Also make sure there is no residue that would not allow it to sit flat on the block. The edge next to the bubble vial is the true side.

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Picking Pins: 1, 3 or 5

I don’t know how it works with today’s archers but years ago, when I was trying to find out where I belonged in the archery world, I got into target archery because of my love for bowhunting, and I’ll be the first to admit: target archery has helped me become a better bowhunter. The need for accuracy and the attention to detail has transferred into all of my bowhunting set ups. Choosing the correct hunting sight set up can also make you a better bowhunter by making sure you are prepared for your environment.

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Settling the Sight Light Question

Many of the higher end sights and even some of the more economical ones, come with a light to help brighten things up when the lighting isn’t perfect. I think it’s a necessity if your state allows their use. I find myself practicing in the most perfect lighting and weather conditions and sometimes forget that things aren’t always perfect. It never hurts to be prepared for anything, when it comes to hunting situations.

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In a hot, humid, and muddy ASA (Archery Shooters Association) weekend, Custom Bow Equipment’s athletes prevailed to the top. Glen Bordwell finished first in the Men's Known Pro, with teammate Justin Hannah in third, while Emily McCarthy finished second in the Women’s Pro class.

“This weekend is a weekend I will never forget, because it was my first ever ASA shootdown which ended up being my first professional win,” Bordwell (shooting a CBE Vertex) said. “I know I couldn't have done it without the confidence in my equipment!”

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Scott Archery and Custom Bow Equipment shooters Kris Schaff and Braden Gellenthien are no strangers to the world stage, and proved it over the week in Antalya, Turkey for Stage Two of the World Cup.

Coming off impressive performances in South Dakota, Shanghai, Yankton, Vegas and Nimes earlier this year, Schaff and Gellenthien battled the wind and rain through qualifications on the beach in Antalya. The final medal matches were decided after the duo faced off against eachother in the semifinal, where Schaff bested Gellenthein in a shootoff. Schaff went on to win silver, and Gellenthein the bronze in their respective matches.

Gellenthien's medals in Antalya bring his overall World Archery podium count to 60, making him the most decorated archer in history. 

Earlier that afternoon, Schaff and Gellenthien, along with teammate Steve Anderson, joined forces in representing the United States against Korea in the compound men’s team final. The hard-fought match fell shy of perfection, but resulted in a silver medal for the team.

Photo via World Archery

“Kris continues to prove he is one of the best in the world and is clearly getting better by banking all this experience – the sky is the limit for Kris,” said Darrin Christenberry, Scott/CBE pro staff manager. “Witnessing Braden at his best a few weeks ago at the South Dakota Classic was impressive, and no matter where he shoots (indoors or out), it’s clear he has his equipment dialed in and working on all cylinders. I anticipate we’ll see more incredible things from Kris and Braden in the coming weeks.”

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Stage 3 of the Indoor World Archery Championship did not disappoint, as the best archers from across the globe gathered to compete for top honors, most notably the compound men gold win by Scott Archery and Custom Bow Equipment’s Kris Schaff.

Schaff, seeded 10th, battled through qualification and elimination rounds to secure his spot in the gold medal match. The exciting shoot off against Netherland’s own #1 seeded Mike Schloesser ended in a 147-145 victory, after impressive series of 150-150-149 rounds from Schaff.

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